Tracking for Low and Medium Earth Orbit Satellites

Goonhilly has proved to be a highly effective operational station for tracking LEO spacecraft including the International Space Station and various cubesats. We host antennas for Sat Apps Catapult and Planet Labs. We are an ideal location due to the extensive, secure grounds with clear views to the horizon in all directions as well as our very low RFI environment. 

  • Tracking MEO contellations

    Goonhilly is the perfect location for tracking Medium Earth Orbit contellations. Our highly secure site is well equipped with ample power, data connectivity and space.  We have the capacity to host antennas, equipment, and data services. We have ultra low latency multiple 100GBit/s fibre connectivity to London and into international networks as well as significant financial incentives for inward investment opportunities.

  • Hosting LEO tracking antennas

    We are pleased to host a number of high specification X and S-band tracking antennas which are optimised for low-earth-orbit operations. The 160 acre site at Goonhilly, with its clear horizon views means we can offer tracking capabilities often down to below 5° elevation in all directions from a number of locations.  We have experience in building and operating antennas for our clients as well as assisting them to establish entirely remotely operated services with the minimum of intervention. Of course, we are always on hand should the need arise. 


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