The World's first private Deep Space Communications Network

Goonhilly is developing the capability to support the exploration of Lunar and Deep Space for institutions and private enterprise.

Modifying our 32 m and 30 m antennas to be compatible with NASA & ESA’s Deep Space Network allows a cost-effective access to communications and ranging services to beyond GEO (geostationary equatorial orbit) spacecraft. The flexible design to these large antennas allows customer’s proprietary systems to also be supported.

Goonhilly will be leading the world’s first commercial deep space network service to provide necessary additional capacity over and above existing NASA and ESA deep space networks.

  • Deep Space Mission

    Goonhilly is pioneering private Deep Space missions. We are launching our own commercial mission to the Moon with partners SSTL and ESA.

    In 2020, we plan to launch Lunar Pathfinder 1 with a payload of lunar cubesats. Goonhilly will provide the communications link and mission operations facility. Check out our Missions Section for more information.


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