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Goonhilly and SSTL are launching a new kind of mission - taking a payload of cubesats to the moon and providing the communications link back to earth. A new era in low cost space exploration. Launch planned for 2019. Call now open for your mission proposals.

  • Vision

    To lower the cost of missions to the moon and beyond and open space exploration to broad participation

    The Mission

    Before 2020, the Lunar Communications Pathfinder mission will lay the foundation of a Solar System network and provide the following services to customers:

    • Delivery of small spacecraft into lunar orbit
    • Communications service between earth and the moon via relay orbiter
    • Provision of telecommand and telemetry links between customer lunar assets and earth
    • Provision of payload data relay from customer assets in lunar orbit and lunar surface
    • Host payloads on the communications relay orbiter

    Call for Lunar Missions and Payloads

    A call for lunar missions and payloads is now open: 

    Download the full Expression of Interest document

    Download the Reference Documents

    We invite you to discuss how we can meet your mission needs.

    Download the Lunar Communications Pathfinder Flyer


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