GES Ltd is a huge supporter of STE(A)M - that's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths - in inspiring the next generation of students. We regularly engage across a wide curriculum of activities and we enjoy every opportunity to work with some amazing talent both in our own region in Cornwall, but increasingly from visiting schools, colleges and universities across the country.

We currently offer the following educational programmes:

**NOTE: We are unable to take bookings for workshops/tours until approximately Oct 2019.**

Short visits:

  • Fees: £4.80 (incl. VAT) per student per booking, minimum fee £72 (equivalent to 15 students) per group and booking. Supervisors/teachers free.
  • Maximum number of students per tour: 25.
  • Offered each Monday between 10 AM and 2 PM depending on availability, booking required.
  • Booking option A - Site tour:
    • 1-hour tour of Goonhilly Earth Station
    • Any age/key stage
  • Booking option B - Workshop: Satellite engineering - build your own satellite
    • 1-hour experience with short lesson and arts & crafts/engineering hands-on session
    • Up to KS2 (including)

Work Experience:

  • Week-long programme with lectures, project work, and job shadowing.
  • Aimed at students in Year 10.
  • Fees: No cost, but maximum number of students applies, so early enquiry is recommended.
  • Dates for 2019: 18-22 March 2019.
  • Sign ups for 2019 have now closed.

Summer School:

  • Week-long programme with lectures and project work.
  • Aimed at Year 12 students, more academic than Work Experience.
  • Fees: £100 admin fee during sign up.
  • Dates for 2019: 1-5 July 2019.
  • Registrations are open now:

For bookings, any other visits, or general enquiries, please email education [at] goonhilly [dot] org.

We are also part of the consortium behind the "Cornwall - Sea to Stars" Roadshow, with more information available here:

  • Year 10 Work Experience

    Each year, we host a handful of Year 10 pupils for a week for their work experience. The pupils participate in a mix of lectures, work shadowing, and hands-on projects to gain an understanding of the basics of satellite communications, to see classroom mathematics, physics, science & technology applied in the workplace, and to practice their soft skills including team work and communication.

    If you're a student interested in participating, or a school looking to send some pupils, please contact education [at] goonhilly [dot] org.

    Testimonials and pupil experiences:

    "Coming out of school and seeing a real workplace has been interesting. It's not just about how well one person does - it's about how the whole place does well."

    "There has been a balanced mix of practical tasks and theoretical learning, both of which have greatly enhanced my knowledge of telecommunications."

    "My work experience at GES has helped guide me in terms of my future career and education. It has shown me that you need drive, passion and enthusiasm in order to do the work well and enjoy it."

    "In the future I may see if I can get an apprenticeship at Goonhilly."

    "I found the week incredibly interesting and developed a greater knowledge of the diverse jobs at an Earth Station."

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