Space industry professional CPD, teacher CPD, STE(A)M education outreach

At Goonhilly we are keen to ensure sustainability for our work force and future generations within the industry.

We offer a range of courses designed for various stages of education & training related to satellite communications, space mission operations, general STEM aspects of our work, and sometimes even including art (STEAM). Our programmes include:

  • Space Mission Operations training for professionals and university students (4-day course)
  • Year 10 Work Experience (5-day experience)
  • Year 12 Summer School (5-day experience)
  • Placements around research, technical and business aspects for
    students at secondary and tertiary education (duration varies)
  • Tours and workshops

To tighten connections between academia and the space sector, we sponsor graduate students on projects related to our business. We have led leadership training courses working closely alongside NASA astronauts and the former Head of NASA Johnson Spaceflight Centre. Working alongside our university partners, we also deliver business and communication engineering training in Africa.

Furthermore, we were instrumental in the establishment of the European Space Agency education outreach network (ESERO), and its implementation as part of the UK Science Learning Centres.

  • Visitor Centre

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  • STE(A)M

    GES Ltd is a huge supporter of STE(A)M - that's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths - in inspiring the next generation of students. We regularly engage across a wide curriculum of …

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