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For a week in March 2017, Goonhilly Earth Station hosted six enthusiastic and motivated Year 10 students on a full programme of all things 'Space & Satellites'.

The students were given a project to disassemble and recover components from the old GHY-8 antenna, sort the equipment and identify working parts, which provided hours of team work, curiosity and intrigue.

Learning from skilled experts in fields such as Satcom Basics, Orbits, Electromagnetic Spectrum and Antenna Tracking gave them an insight into cutting edge technology whilst instilling a sense of awe and wonder regarding the history of telecommunications and the iconic steel 'Dishes of the Downs'.

Keeping their logbooks up-to-date gave opportunity to reflect on the day's events and record significant experiences and data. The week culminated with each group giving a presentation to GES staff, family and teachers, and delighting their audience with knowledge gained and newly found friendships.

With comments including 'There isn't a thing I would or could change to my experience as it was perfect and precise'; 'My work experience at GES has surpassed my expectations' and 'I wish I could spend much longer here', we are sure that Rory, Guy, Theo, Molly, Samuel & Jack enjoyed a stimulating week and invaluable experiences. They returned to their schools (Penryn & Mullion, Cornwall; Five Islands, Isles of Scilly; and Colstons, Bristol) full of inspiration, increased learning and a desire to pursue a STEM based career.