The world's first commercial antenna

Goonhilly 1, or Antenna 1, or "Arthur"  is probably the most famous and loved satellite dish in the world! Built in 1962, it carried the first ever trans-Atlantic TV pictures from the USA to Europe using the Telstar satellite. So ground-breaking and noteworthy at the time, at the beginning of the space age, there was even a number 1 hit in the UK pop charts celebrating the "Telstar" achievement.

  • Moving dish

    Sill in use today, "Arthur" has been in almost continuous operation for over 50 years. His latest task will be to become part of the Jodrell Bank e-MERLIN radio telescope network.  The entire 1100 tonne concrete and steel structure sits on a giant turntable and can track at speeds of up to 120° per minute. This is great for moving quickly between objects in the sky, but once a measurement is being made, the tracking accuracy has to be better than 1/100th of a degree.

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