In early October, I travelled to the Ghanaian capital of Accra for a one week training course. GES are proud to be part of the DARA project - a collaboration between university and business partners to foster radio astronomy training in several African countries. In this partnership, we deliver training centred around satellite technology and business practice as part of a wider radio astronomy course.

This year, I spent a week with 18 students from in and around Accra to explore satellite technology. With discussed some basic terminology, gained insights into Earth Observation techniques and applications, and thought about entrepreneurship skills. The students were then able to work in teams to come up with their own business ideas based in satellite technology and related topics. It was a very intensive, but highly successful week, and I learned as much as the students - about their motivations and drivers, their backgrounds, interests, and passions. Their business ideas were well thought through, addressed problems worth solving, and with a bit of extra work could be turned into viable businesses.

Many of the students will continue on an academic career path for now, pushing the boundaries of radio astronomy and other sciences. I sincerely hope though that at least a few of them - one day - turn their current or future business ideas into reality and make some exciting contributions to the satellite and technology sectors.

- Dr Kat Hickey, Business Development & Training Manager

Kat Hickey and some of the DARA students at the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory Kuntunse