Since 1962, Goonhilly has been at the heart of satellite communications.  Being present at the birth of Intelsat (1984), Eutelsat (1977) and Inmarsat (1978), Goonhilly's place in the history of satellite communications is legendary.  Fast forward, and now Goonhilly is still leading the way, bringing a totally unique mix of carrier-grade satellite communications service, deep space communications, earth observation, tracking, monitoring and science.

With a wide range of antennas and footprints, cost effective solutions, excellent engineering and customer service Goonhilly is the ideal partner to help you to grow your business.

  • Commercial Satellite Services

    We have a wide range of commercial sat apps you can select:

    • iDirect Service
    • TV Uplink
    • Point-to-Point satellite service
    • Maritime and Aero
    • TT&C
    • ESVA Testing
    • Earth Observation
    • LEO / MEO Constellation tracking
  • Satellite Internet

    We provide a wide range of hosting options for satellite internet solutions. Goonhilly is the ideal partner for your satellite internet requirements. We can host your entire solution, provide VNO …

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  • Satellite TV Uplink Service

    We provide SD, HD and 4K DVB-S and DVB-S2 TV uplink solutions with a range of multiplex and encyption / conditional access options. Our 100GBit/s fibre connectivity is already peered directly with …

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  • Telemetry, Tracking and Command

    At any given moment we are providing the communications service to fly spacecraft on behalf of a number of a number of clients. We are trusted every day with GEO, LEO and drifting satellites worth …

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  • LEO /MEO Services

    Goonhilly has proved to be a highly effective operational station for tracking LEO spacecraft including the International Space Station and various cubesats. We host antennas for Sat Apps Catapult …

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  • Deep Space Communications

    Goonhilly is pioneering the world's first commercial Deep Space Communications service. We are in the process of converting our 32m cassegrain beam-waveguide antenna (GHY-6) into a fully standards- …

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  • Radio Astronomy

    We work closely with the world's leading universities in the field of radio astronomy, supporting their research, development and innovation. The universities of Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Herts, …

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