Goonhilly's Mission to the Moon

Goonhilly and SSTL are teaming up with ESA to create the world's first commercial deep space mission. We plan to carry customer payload in the form of cube-sats into lunar orbit and provide the relay link back to Earth via Goonhilly.  Our first mission will have a payload capacity of 80 kg and we will charge £1m per each kg launched.  The mission is a joint-venture between GES Ltd and SSTL.

Once in orbit, our spacecraft will be able to provide relay communications for other lunar missions.  We plan follow-on missions again to the moon and also to Mars or other locations as required.

  • Into Lunar Orbit

    Our plan is to take a payload of scientific research nano-satellites as our paying customers into lunar orbit then provide the communications link back to earth.  The nano-satellites will use the standard cubesat format and will be provided with a CCSDS-compliant radio communications card which will communicate via the SSTL relay satellite in lunar orbit. 


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